Chef Alberto Leandri will present special offerings on Tuesday, February 17th inspired by the celebration of Carnevale in his hometown near Venice, Italy.  The festival is famed for its elaborate masks and you will see this influence in Chef Leandri’s colorful presentations.

Menu’ di Carnevale in Maschera

Pulcinella (Naples)

Zuppa di pesce Neapolitan cioppino, scallops, mussels, clams, calamari, shrimp.

Brighella (Bergamo)

Green, red, white fettuccine, tossed with shrimp, leeks, arugula.

Colombina (Venice)

Seared sole, carrot, shaved asparagus celery root, grape tomatoes, spinach pesto, saffron sauce.

Rugantino (Rome)

Veal medallion, artichokes ragu, guanciale and pecorino sauce.

Dottor Balanzone (Bologna)

Breaded chicken, topped with imported prosciutto, parmiggiano and black truffle sauce.

Arlecchino (Lombardy)

Torta arlecchino (multicolor cake).