Riccardo Tedeschi

Riccardo Tedeschi
Riccardo Tedeschi was born on September 2nd 1969 in Negrar (Verona)

He’s married with Nicoletta, and they have 3 children: Maddalena (13 years old), Costanza (12 years old) and Lorenzo (8 years old).

SCHOOL EXPERIENCE: 1989 : He took the diploma on Oenology to the Conegliano Agronomic School. 1990: He hold a course on Oenology to the Davis University

JOB EXPERIENCE Since 1989 he’s the wine-maker, together with Lorenzo Tedeschi – the father -,of the owned Agricola F.lli Tedeschi. From his father, he has learnt the Tedeschi style, a way of life which extends to involve its wines. He seeks the individual character of each wine, and perhaps more importantly the “typical personality” which distinguishes wine that carries the “Tedeschi” label, a label which guarantees not only quality, but also the constancy of product characteristics. He has developed modern techniques in the wine production, but in the same time he continue to favour local grape varieties (Corvina, Corvinone, Rondinella, Croatina, Dindarella, Negrara, Oseleta, Troelina and very old clones of it) also in the own Le Pontare vineyard, that it’s in planting phase. His objective is always to obtain wines with body, bouquet and structure, but above all wines which are elegant and well-balanced. The company’s philosophy is founded on continuous innovation in order to promote quality, without however departing from traditions.

On April 2006, he, with his family, signed documents to purchase 84 hectares of land situated within the Valpolicella DOC region between the communities of Tregnago and di Mezzane di Sotto. The purchase is the result of long and thorough research conducted by a pool of agronomists and geologists called upon by Riccardo to study the most promising terrain for the production of high quality wine. The new property includes a building of probably monastic origin the oldest portion of which stands on a hill that dominates the entire grounds, which include 53 hectares of forest and 2 hectares of producing olive trees. The new vineyards will comprise 30 hectares and at today 28 ha are planted. Riccardo also is in charge of sales in international market.

HOBBY Enduro motorcycling, Mountain biking, Jogging, Travel, Listening music, Reading